Commissioning a Piece of Work

1. Initial enquiry- This is where you initially contact with me whether it be by phone, email or in person. Here you can tell me what you are looking to have made and your requirements.  It sometimes helps to have a rough idea of design style, elements you want incorporated in to the design, images of the items surroundings, other images you like, finishes etc. This helps me to design a bespoke product that is suited to you and your needs.

2. Establishing a budget- Whether the piece you are commissioning is large or small it is important to establish a budget as this will influence the design and manufacturing process. The budget available will determine, design time, manufacturing time, materials, finishing etc.

3. Site Visit- This may be required for some enquirers in order to survey the location and gather critical measurements, as well as looking at installation options. These visits may also help gather further design inspiration as I can see first hand where the final product will end up.

4. Designing- This is where I take all the information gathered from our meetings and come up with a design proposal to present to the client. This usually consists of a drawing of the piece, it also may contain sample pieces of elements of the design and an estimation or quotation for the commission. At this stage we can discuss the proposed design and make any amendments to it.

5. Making the Piece- After the design is agreed I can start making your commission.

6. Site Fitting/Delivery/Collection- This is the final stage after manufacture and finishing. For smaller items collection from my workshop is preferred, but delivery can be arranged at an extra cost. For the larger items that require installation I will come out as discussed and install the commission.


For smaller commissions I may require a deposit depending on the value of the commission

For larger commissions I require the following payment method
There may be a site visiting fee for locations away from the workshop, this will depend on distance and time taken
There maybe a design fee for larger commissions. The fee is included in the estimation/quotation if work goes ahead. If the work is declined the design fee is payable. I retain the copyright to any designs produced.
One half payment on agreement to commission work, this is to cover materials, finishing, and some labour.
The rest is to be paid on delivery or installation.